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Whether it be amazon self publishing or any other platform, our book publishing services give you the creative control you deserve. Discuss with our expert book publishers the creative control you deserve. Discuss with our expert book publishers.

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How Do "I Publish My Book?"

Our experience enables us to craft captivating stories. Short or long – your manuscript gets the attention it deserves! Every word we polish is prepared for the impact on the readers and infused with care. From beginning to end, our book publishers and book editing experts take on every project, because no task is too big or difficult when you have people like us working together as part of such a one-stop solution.

We ensure everything from page-turners to nail-biting finishes feels masterfully controlled so each reader can find a perfect read. Our book editing team eagerly waits for their next project to be proofread and edited.

What Type Of Books Do We Publish?

We write, edit, publish and market all genres of books. Also, we provide similar services to self publish ebooks. So, we can also help you with self publishing.

Benefit from our wide-ranging array of book publication formats and forms and book your place as a book writing cube. We are ranked among the top book publishing companies including children’s book publishers and Amazon publishing services providers.

How Many Copies Of Your Book Will Be Published?

We publish/print books on demand. We set up your account with Amazon and other places, which allows us to have no set values for the minimum amount of copies that can be published/printed. We will print as many and as little as you want.

Providing the Highest quality and cost-effective kindle direct publishing and printing services to our clients, with shipping and handling across the state.

How Will We Help You Market Your Book?

Our team of marketing experts are willing to provide their services to you. If you choose us for marketing, we ensure that you and your book gets maximum exposure. Our marketing professionals will assist your book and brand in reaching the success it deserves.

Our book marketing professionals will help your book and brand reach the success it deserves.

Why Book Publishing?

Oftentimes, we find ourselves indulging in thoughts that others might fascinating. Most of them remain limited to the abyss inside our heads. However, some ideas/stories and visions are meant for the world to read and study. The ideas develop once you write, but the important aspect is to let the world to see your work and change mindsets!

How can I publish my book?

The first thing you need to do after making up your mind about publishing a book is to find a publishing house. There are several types of publications including online publication, paperback or hardcopy publishing as well as self Publication. You need to select the kind of publication you want and then work with the publisher company to assist you with the process.

What’s different about Self Publishing?

By self publishing a book, you get full authority of your work including the management and other processes of publishing like editing, cover design and even marketing strategies. You have to pay a certain amount as fee and you get to call the shots! At Book Writing Cube, different teams designated for different kinds of publications.

How much does it cost to have a book published?

If you’re worried about the initial investment you have to put in order to get your book published, don’t fret too much! There are various packages available from which you can select the one that works for you. We work with every kind of budget to give your clients the best experience and help them publish their work for the world to read!

Can I publish on different publishing platforms?

Yes, you can. The Book Writing Cube team will assist you in choosing the platform i.e., Amazon KDP that you want to publish on. They will also assist you in making sure your manuscript is in the correct format as per the prescribed guidelines of the platform you have chosen for publication and point you in the right direction!

Book Publishing Services That We Have To Offer

We offer a wide range of self publishing services. There are several options you can choose from and get a final product in your required time frame at very affordable prices! We have packages designed to cater to every budget, so your literary vision can turn into a reality!

Self Publication

This service is applicable for those looking to publish their creative pieces. We will be there to guide you through every step of the way! Our team of experts will provide you will necessary resources and assistance including marketing and distribution strategies so that you never have to feel overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility that comes with self publication. There will be zero intervention of any other party, you get to choose how you want your work to be published!

Paperback Publication

We believe in making your book available across the globe. We ensure that your book stays on-demand and readily available in hardcover and paperback formats. Our extensive marketing and distribution approaches make sure your book accessible on every platform. It enables the readers to find all that they need through one source. Our devoted team of top professionals.

Online Publication

We pride ourselves in turning average writers into published authors by giving them control over every aspect of their creative concept and publishing objective for an eBook – from brainstorming through editing. We are more than just book publishers, we help bring out your marketing plan for a successful launch and greater returns!

Other Self Publishing Services

Certified partners with the “Amazon Self Publishing Services”. Being Amazon's Self Publishing Partners gives us the edge to get the Fastest Turn around time to publish book on amazon.

Self Publishing doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never be contacted by a Major Traditional Publishing House, elf Publishing gives you the freedom to control every aspect of the process as per your vision. Publish book on amazon.


Why Should You Choose Our Book Publishing Services?

Whether Bookshelf or Amazon Self Publishing – Our Designs Makes You Stand Out

Design is the most important aspect when it comes to selling books. We know that might sound like an old cliché, but designing your cover will deliver layout and build intrigue for potential readers; they’ll want more after seeing what’s in store within these pages! So don’t settle on anything less than perfection – let us help make sure every manuscript looks exactly how you envisioned through Book Writing Cube.

What Is Our Book Publishing Process?


We request the Author to submit their manuscript,so that our professiona Publishing Team can review and discuss the goals and objectives for Publishing.


After receiving the draft, we thoroughly review, analyze,proofread, and edit the content as per the Publishing Standards


Once with the content and text of the manuscript,we set the right Designs, include Images and Graphical illustrations, and Book Cover Design.


We will design the book, keeping all important aspects in mind.All the books are designed with front and back covers, author bios, table of contents, etc.


After step 1 to step 4 are finalized, the manuscript is submitted for publishing in the clients' required formats, ensuring compliance with the Publishing Standards.